~Welcome Home Beautiful!~

You’re here! I am SO excited that you are here reading these words. As this means that you are ready!

You have made the life changing decision to change your life. You know that there is more to life. You know that deep-rooted happiness, peace of mind, freedom, abundance and bliss-filled moments are your birth right and you are not willing to settle for any less!

You are now truly ready to celebrate, adore and lionise your life. You are ready to let go of every single self-sabotaging belief, attitude, behaviour and influence in your life. You are literally on the verge of breaking through to a life where you feel free, relaxed, excited and inspired in everything that you do. The fears that you may have now are ready to take a hike and I am overjoyed to see that you have finally stepped up and declared to the Universe that you ARE READY for your life to get crazy happy.

I can feel the butterflies in your belly as you read these words and I can see the sparkle of the stars in  your eyes as you know exactly what I am talking about.

You my dearest friend are ready to shine.

Whether your journey is emotional, physical, spiritual, professional or all four, I am here with a whole load of tools, a head full of skills and a heart full of unconditional love and compassion to help you heal and step into your Bliss.

Lives can be changed and minds can be freed just by the simple processes and tools that I use in my coaching.

This website is here for you as a “go to” one stop shop, where you can find inspiration, motivation and a genuine connection with like-minded others to help you live your life in flow, freedom, creativity and with a big fat smile on your face.

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Does or would your Vision Board look anything like this for 2017?     

If like many of us, you would LOVE to have peace of mind, make better decisions, to create better habits and to help make the world a better place (or perhaps like me 2 years ago All of The Above!) ...

Take a deep breath and know that you are in the right place at the right time and that all of the above, and more, is yours for the taking.  

Lion Eyes Life is here to help you. Through my blog, articles, videos, coaching packages and FREE membership, I wish to help you have the Vision, Courage and Grace to find your song and celebrate it in every moment…


There is an old proverb that a day spent with a teacher is worth 300 years on your own. Come experience the wisdom and light of a transformational teacher who can teach not only your mind, but your heart and soul.

~Join the Tribe here~

Sing your Unique Song to the World and Bless all you Meet, with the Music of Your Spirit