5 Ways to Simplify your Life & Find True Freedom

When you sit in a place of flow, calm, gliding momentum, everything is simple. Your head is clear. Your thoughts do not drift, they are focused on the here and the now. They do not shift frantically from one thought to another, but they are here, now and in complete harmony with your environment.

Your energies are settled, you feel aligned. You feel free.

You do not feel rushed, excited, panicked, stressed, elated or any other emotion but peace, calm and bliss.

You saviour each task of your day with a sense of richness and abundance. Even the sweeping sounds of the brush against the carpet, the light sparkles it makes as the sunlight catches its bristles, seem to speak of a magic that is only seen by those that truly understand it.

The air feels still and the trees appear to sway in a twinkling slow motion, sending vibrations and messages of ancient wisdom to your soul. You start noticing the quintessential beauty of certain trees and feel compelled to walk beneath their leaves, to touch their bark and soak up the healing, knowing energies of their deeply connected souls.

forest river with stones and grass at sunset

You go about your day in blissful contemplation. Tasks and challenges are faced, emotions are still stirred but even though your heart may be racing, your nerves are put on edge or your senses are put on overload, you still have a deep feeling of peace and of knowing that everything is just as it is supposed to be.

The signs and lessons are seen clearly as you are aware and open to see them. Prioritising becomes easy as you just know what to do next.

You trust with all of your heart that the universe is working its magic behind the scenes to bring you what your heart desires. Your third eye starts to tingle and sparks seem to dance around your being. You feel the top of your head pop as your awareness expands and you let go of certain restricting energies and mental blockages.

Life is simple. The next step is all you need to do. Whether that is linked to your dreams or not, it is the next step and that is all you are required or compelled to do. You navigate life effortlessly.

old compass

My experience of these moments have personally come about after a clearance of energy in my home, a re-evaluation of my life’s goals and dreams and a meeting with another soul on the Path.

I believe that in order to live in clarity, flow, abundance and bliss, your life must be as simple as it possibly can be. Below I share with you some of the ways in which I have recently done this; the final one being a little controversial but the truth none the less.

1. Simplify your Home

Housework can be time consuming, draining and relentless if it is perceived to be a chore and if you create a home and lifestyle that is over complicated and too full of stuff.

In order to gain clarity, I believe your home needs to have clear pathways of energy circulating arounCount Your Blessings Word Cloud on Energy Vortex Backgroundd it. Stagnant energy creates blockages and new abundance and life cannot fill an already full space.

Clear out the cupboards, give away unworn clothes, shoes, bags and scarfs to charity and set the momentum of abundance into a beautiful pace by practicing the art of giving. I personally love to fill the big pink and white Breast Cancer Awareness bags full of new and old clothes, folded and given with love.

Minimise housework by reducing the amount of material “things” that you have in your home. If you have more plates, cups, sets of cutlery in your kitchen that you do people, put some away- less washing up. If you have too many toys, ornaments, books or “dust catchers” put some away- if you don’t miss them after a month, give them to charity.

Then start enjoying your home. Enjoy the washing up. Enjoy the satisfaction of sweeping the floor or hoovering. Do everything with gratitude and be present, make every moment an opportunity to reflect the beauty of it All. With this attitude and perception it is amazing what you see, hear and feel in the simplest of tasks.

2. Brain Dump

To gain clarity of mind, you must empty your mind. Get it all out on paper. Use a mind-map to map out your thoughts, worries, goals, challenges and then look at the bigger picture. It’s amazing how seeing it all on one piece of paper can help you to realise the answers, to see what is most important or what you value the most.

Decide what the first step you need to take is in each and then date them. Having a plan will release the stress and give you a sense of calm and control.地球 砂浜

3. Seek Guidance

It is an old adage that a day with a teacher is worth 300 years on your own- don’t suffer in silence. There are plenty of people on this planet that have been where you are, experienced and broken through the challenges that you are facing- you don’t need to do anything alone- seek out guides, teachers and people that can help you. Don’t be afraid to reach out- just a simple email can lead to a lasting friendship and one conversation can be all you need to get the strength, knowledge or motivation to jump that last hurdle.

4. Spend more time (and prioritise) having fun.Dancing Party Enjoyment Happiness Celebration Beach Concept

Pencil out at least one day a week where you just have fun. Do it every weekend if you can. Have a “No work at weekends” rule and stick to it! It is quoted that the most successful people don’t work at the weekends- make that part of who you are. Be kind to yourself. Have a duvet day and don’t open the curtains until 2pm if that’s what you feel like doing. Let go of the need to be busy all of the time. Do what makes you truly happy & f@ck what the neighbours think!

5. Party!

Sometimes all you need is a night out to let your hair down and press the reset button.

Drinking responsibly with friends, dancing to soulful music and meeting & connecting with new souls is a tonic that is sometimes, just what the doctor ordered. Butterfly, Tree of Transformation

 So whether you are currently in the moment of bliss and talking to trees, or in need of some decluttering, re-prioritising and moments of duvet or drunken silliness- I hope this helps.

I’m here if you need me.

Love to you Always, Caya xx

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