Lion Eyes Life Mission Statement:

“To connect my clients to themselves, to Source and to         each other. To help others have the Vision, the Courage and the Grace to celebrate life in all it’s glory



Having vision is the key to manifesting what your heart desires. If you do not know what you are aiming for, then you will never achieve it. If you do not have crystal clear clarity on what it is you want from life and what it is that makes you happy, then you will never find or achieve That Which Makes You Happy. This is where Lion Eyes Life begins. In helping you to become clear on your goals, to develop a deep understanding of yourself so that you know what it is that truly makes you happy and what it is that you truly want from life.

This vision then becomes your guiding light. The more vivid and detailed the vision, the faster you will achieve it. You are a creator by nature and it is in the strength of the vision and the strength of your desire for it that will ensure that it is achieved. Lion Eyes Life will then help you keep the focus and motivation to bring your vision into your reality.

Graceful couragous lionCourage

Having the courage to follow your heart, to follow your dreams, to make the choice not to stand for mediocre, to take a stand and not allow anyone or anything to make you a victim; to see your life as yours for the taking, to look upon your challenges, your fears, your conditioning as opportunities to roar and show the inner strength of your heart is what it means to be alive. To have the courage to reach for the stars even when the night’s sky is foggy with a mist of self-doubt and uncertainty, takes determination and an understanding of your beliefs about yourself and your attitude towards the world.

To have the bravery to step out of your comfort zone and commit to developing new positive attitudes and beliefs so that you can be the best you can and live the happiest and most fulfilled life possible.

To have confidence is key in achieving your dreams and goals, yet it is something that many, in fact I bet, most, of us have issues with. To have the tools and support to enable you to build your confidence is life changing and that is what Lion Eyes Life wishes to provide.

With this confidence and self-belief, anything is possible, it’s just a matter of putting your courage with your vision and taking daily inspired actions filled with grace and trust that the universe is moving to bring your dreams into your reality…

butterfly of transformation


To live gracefully is to live life in flow, beautifully and effortlessly. To have grace is very much a state of mind and a state of being. To be grateful for and mindful of your every present moment, tuning into and doing everything to the best of your abilities so that all actions you take throughout your day are full of inspiration will see you shine with elegance and charm as you work the laws of the universe to bring your dreams and goals into your reality.

When you become graceful, you align your body, mind and spirit and fully embrace the dance of creation.

Holding onto your vision in your heart, with unfaltering belief and courage in your self and your own ability in achieving your goals, you can gracefully and beautifully make your dreams come true, step by step until you are the person you wished to be, with everything your heart desires.

Grace requires a peace of mind. It requires a suppleness of body, a grateful attitude and a mindful thought process. It requires that you live in the moment, and cherish each step on your path. All of which Lion Eyes Life aims to help you acquire.

Through my blog, articles, videos, membership and coaching packages, I wish to help you have the Vision, Courage and Grace to be the beautiful, empowered and natural creator that you are…







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Aims & Objectives for Lion Eyes Life:

This website, my blog, the members area and my coaching services are all aimed to:

  • Provide you with the tools and resources you need to stay positive, feeling good and tuned into that place of pure Bliss & Abundance
  • Help you to become crystal clear on what it is that you really want from life
  • Give you clarity on the direction, you are headed now and the direction you want to be headed in and help to bridge the gap between the two
  • Help you plan your future days, weeks, months and years ahead so that you can set achievable goals and make sure you have everything you could possibly need to make them happen
  • Provide warm-hearted, professional support and guidance along the way
  • Look at your barriers and personal beliefs and behaviours that are and have prevented you from succeeding in the past
  • Provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to make the changes to your beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to help you overcome any obstacles and barriers so that you can achieve your life goals
  • Reduce overwhelm, anxiety, stress and panic and replace it with a sense of calm, peace of mind, excitement and focus.
  • Help you achieve your goals and succeed in life
  • Connect you to your heart and find balance and harmony and bliss in everything that you do
  • Connect you with other like minded souls so that you can share your experiences and grow together.

“Lion Eyes Life provides you with everything you need to be the confident, graceful, empowered and beautiful creature that you naturally are…

Butterfly, Tree of Transformation

Live your Life with Vision, Courage & Grace and let the

Goddess within you Shine


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