About Me

My Vision, my dream, my life’s calling is to provide a place of peace and tranquility, that celebrates the richness of life through colour, words, images, tools and useful resources that uplift your spirits and help you to tune into a frequency of abundance and joy, so that you are ready to manifest and receive All Your Heart desires.

With Lion Eyes Life, I hope to achieve this. Through this website, my blog, my coaching & Events and my Member’s Area, my dream of helping you achieve your goals and live everyday tuned into the magic of life is made possible.  I have found my way through the turbelence of life and have connected to my flow and my wish is to help you find yours


Hi I’m Caya

I am a deeply passionate creative with an infallible love for life and drive to help others love their lives.

I have two young boys who are my guides as much as I am theirs, both just as crazy, loving and adventurous as their mummy, they make my world go round and I wish to be an inspiration and positive role model to them through my efforts with my business and my own personal development and journey.Butterfly, Tree of Transformation

I love to read, talk about the wonders of the world and tap into the blissful energy of nature as much as possible. Before I had kids, I was a free spirit adventurer and I traveled the world as much as possible. I love learning, I thrive on achievement and I know in my heart that anything is possible, for anyone, regardless of their background or current situation.

Creativity is a massive part of my life and I and love nothing more than making something special for someone special. I have my own handmade craft service and adore making something beautiful from scratch~ my craft page Caya Nicole Collection can be found here if you fancy a little look.

My Professional Background

I have over 15 years experience in Personal & Spiritual Growth and Development and I have practiced as a Personal Transformation Coach since 2009, studying a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with The Coaching Academy. I have worked inspiring people of all ages in Schools, Colleges and Health & Well-Being settings and I am passionate about inspiring and motivating people to follow their dreams.

I a qualified Fitness Instructor and Law of Attraction Practitioner and I have various other certificates and training in Nutrition, Leadership, Management and Sustainable Living.photo

My background is in Marketing and Events Management with a First Class Honors Degree in Managing Cultural & Major Events and 10 years experience working on festivals and events that celebrate culture and the richness of life. I strongly believe that festivities of all kinds and events that bring the community together to celebrate our culture and life are an integral part of developing a connected and empowered society. I am currently an avid volunteer for a Community Project Natures Nutrition and have a strong vision to build a community center myself.

I blog, speak, hold workshops and retreats and I write articles and share my passion and zest for life in various forms throughout this site, on my facebook page and also on LinkedIn. I also write articles for www.lightworkersworld.com and I am in the process of writing my first novel, that is beautifully entwined with the messages of magic I share in my work and a fairytale like charm that I simply cannot wait to share with you all!

My Journey to get to where I am now is one of mystery and magic,

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