My Journey

book of natureI strongly believe that all of life is an adventure. That our paths and the routes that we take and the decisions that we make are all creating and writing our very own unique, rich and colourful Story. As with all great adventures there will be twists and turns, challenges to overcome, fears to face and moments of clarity, nostalgia, pure love and sentiment, all of which make up the beautifully intricate and perfect tapestry of our lives.

I believe that with each failure and struggle comes a lesson that is there to be learnt and once we have mastered or learnt enough from that lesson to move on, it is then our duty to share our wisdom and our teachings with anyone else who will benefit from listening.

So my story is very much like any of  yours. Every day for me is different. My moods are sometimes erratic, the circumstances of my life change rather frequently but one thing will always remain certain~

I, as you, have a choice in how I perceive and react to my outwardly world and we all have the power to decide to chose happiness and peace, even in our darkest of moments.

It is this skill, the skill of keeping your light shining with hope even amongst any adversity you may face and Re-membering moment by moment Who You Really Are that I have been blessed to learn and that I wish to share with you All.

So here is a little bit about my journey so far, and I hope it can inspire others to realise that you truly can change your stars and you truly can be the person your heart is burning for you to be~ the beautiful, empowered, graceful creature that you naturally are…

My Journey

My journey of self-growth and self-development has been a continuous and relentless roller coaster ride for the past 20 years. Having battled with Bulimia and Compulsive Overeating from the age of 12; Drug and Alcohol abuse from the age of 12; Anxiety, Stress and Self-confidence issues that to this day are something that I have to manage effectively, my journey of reprogramming my mind and taking control of my life has been my gift that I wish to share to help others.

Every day I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn how to stay positive, to follow my dreams despite my fears and how to master the art of letting go to find inner peace.

Having experienced my first love being taken by a drug overdose at 24, my mums boyfriend by a motorbike accident and all of my earthly possessions by a house fire, I have been given the greatest opportunities to learn the power and freedom in letting go. I truly believe that each of these moments in my life have helped me to see that no one ever actually dies, that we are not our possessions and that life is beautiful even amongst the darkness. The ability to let go is one I cherish dearly and I believe is what provides us with the most freedom and sense of peace and for that I am grateful.

I have faith that the Universe is on my side and even in (especially in) the depths of my own version of hell, I have still seen light and I have still had the burning flame of the Divine deep within my heart to keep on going, to keep on trying, to grow and learn from every moment and despite the hardships that you face today, or the self-doubt or confusion or lack in any way that you feel in this moment, you have the power to start afresh, to chose to make it better~ and it all starts now~

In every present moment is your gift of rebirth. Sew the seeds of love and gratitude and you shall reep that of love and that to be thankful for

photo(10)As with all great adverturers, I have mapped the way along my journey. Admitedly frequently steering off course but heading in the right direction all the same. I have also journaled my findings, as each day brings new lessons, new revelations, new challenges and it is my life’s mission to work out a way of smoothing things out in life, whether it be to experience stress free living, to reduce and eliminate self doubt & lack of confidence, addictions, negative relationships or a crammed over active mind.

I look everyday for clues and opportunities to learn ways of making life easier, more colourful, enriched, abundant and happy and helping you to have the clarity, the vision, the courage and the grace to make your life your best life.

So, are you ready to make your life Easier? More Colourful and Abundant? Enriched and full of Magic and Wonder?


Then let’s talk.

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The Graceful, Empowered, Beautiful Women that I see reading these words.

Love to you and I very much look forward to hearing your story soon.

Caya xx