Amazing Grace is Calling you: Are You Listening?

Listen. Just listen.

Can you hear her? Can you feel her?

The vibration of life that runs through each and every cell of every thing on the planet, that which exudes nothing but her and him and the All that Is and is Not.

Life. Ain’t it magical?!

Now you may think I have been off smoking wacky backy or hitting the tequila, but you’d be wrong. Far from it. I have been meditating, breathing, smiling, serving and giving thanks for every little thing that I am blessed to have in the awakened state of existence that is my current reality.

Each morning when I wake up, I feel blessed beyond words to be waking in this particular reality. Surrounded by warmth, beauty, colour, creativity and expression in shape, form and thought. I get to taste so many wonderful things each day and breathe air that is fresh and full of life-giving oxygen, manufactured from the very trees that surround me.

Huge tree at Peradeniya Botanical Garden Sri lanka

Now don’t get me wrong, this silence and wonder and gratitude can be a tough state to hold onto throughout the day. With the kids screaming at each other and refusing to do anything I ask them, tight deadlines, responsibilities juggled with a millisecond of room for manoeuvre; sure my blood sometimes boils and I lose it. But only for a second, then I bring myself back to a place of gratitude and the world again seems vibrant, enriched with the colour and magic of the energy that surrounds us all…

It’s taken me a while to sustain this place, for many years this was just a fleeting moment, here and cherished one minute and gone with the changing breeze of life the next. Circumstances, shitty people and stressful challenges were all too often for me to sustain any kind of bliss for any period of time; but for this time right now (and I know how precious and fragile and fickle life can be, so it is by no means being taken for granted), I can truly say that I am in a blooming good place– yay me!

schne lachende Frau in der Blumenwiese

And from this place, I’d love to share with you how I believe I was able to get here. So, here are my top tips for getting to and staying in this place of calm, bliss and connection to the natural abundance around me…

  1. Morning meditation and silence

Each morning I awake before my kids at 6:15am and spend 45mins (if I’m lucky) in prayer and meditation and giving thanks for the guidance I receive from above; my connection to Mother Earth and her grounding healing energies and I visualise how I wish for my day to go. This sets the intentions for the day and enables me time to connect to my divine source before I go about my day- crucial to keep afloat the “stress head overload tsunami of emotions” that can, and does daily, show it’s fiery face.

Ask yourself: How can you fit in a morning ritual to set you up for the day? What will you do? When will  you start?

  1. An attitude of gratitude

This is something that I forgot for a while and being reconnected with its magic, I am delighted that I have transformed my experience back to one of awesomeness. Life is just SO much more colourful, abundant, graceful and divinely amazing when you truly appreciate it! Since doing this, money has been flowing, beautiful people and opportunities have been coming in and my relationships have improved… an attitude of gratitude really is the key to lasting happiness.

Ask yourself: What are you taking for granted? How can you practice gratitude more every day?

  1. Determination and practice

I never stop learning, and growing and watching; myself and the world around me. I rise, falter, slip, jump and leap a million times a day, but I keep on moving. Sometimes backwards but always aiming higher, always with hope in my heart that if I just keep on going, the universe and my beautiful vision in my mind and my heart with one day meet and become one… just keep on moving- action is the key. No matter what you do, just do something. Keep on moving.

Ask yourself: Where do you find yourself procrastinating? What action can you take NOW to make that movement and flow happen in  your life?

  1. Connection to nature

Each and every day I listen to Gaia, I watch her as she flies, I connect and speak to trees and I give thanks for the body I have, formed from her, that I am able to experience me. As without her, I would not be here. When you watch and you observe and you give love, and you ground, you connect. Connect to That Which is true Abundance. Nature is the reflection of the perfect state of being, in constant fluid movement with stillness running through her veins. It is this state of movement and stillness that we are all striving to achieve, and it is in this state that true creation, purpose and flow are found…

Ask yourself: Are you spending enough time in nature? How can you connect more?

  1. Being of Service

My diary has never been so full and with each and every soul that I am serving, I connect deeply with the Divine Grace within me and within them. Through my pre-session preparation ritual, I connect deeply with my Spirit Guides and with the love and life of existence and I ask to be of service. With this, I become a channel for the energy that is all loving, all giving and all healing. In this place, I am truly honouring my dharma, my purpose and in this place of using my unique talents and gifts for the service of humanity, I am showered with unconditional love, bliss and abundance a true win win story.

Ask yourself: What is your unique talent? How can you use it to serve the world?

You are reading this because you have a gift that is needed.

What is it? Are you honouring it?

Live to GiveMake Service Your InspirationAnd be Open to ReceiveThat Which You Gave

Believe me, taking action on these 5 things really is a potion for fucking awesome living.

AMAZING GRACE is calling, are you listening?

Love you.

Caya xx

PS. My diary is full now until July but if you want to have a free 30 minute chat about how we can work at getting you to this place, please email me Love xox

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