Be Free to Be You~ and Not give a Monkeys What Anyone Thinks!

So hands up any of you wonderfully unique and creative ladies that have ever had that sinking feeling that others just don’t ‘get’ you or your differences?

For those of you who holla’d “hell No!” a big fat congratulations leaves my lips as I bow to you in awe…

For those of you whose hand is waving, in a little regretful “yep, that’ll be me then”.  I hear you, completely and whole heartedly and I know how crippling and life sucking this feeling can be. It can prevent us from being ourselves, doing what we really want to do and living our lives to the full.

How many moments of your life have you spent tirelessly pondering and speculating about other people’s views and opinions about how you act, behave and chose to live your life? What opportunities have you missed, fun times turned down or adventures missed out on for fear of “what so and so will think”? It is so so sad, but it is something that affects so many of us.

The Truth of the matter is simple and so freeing… you have to realise that how other people view the world and view you and react and judge and behave and think will differ from you and that you should not take their opinions personally, it’s just their own personal perspective.

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And that is what makes life so interesting- The fact that we are all different!

You have to realise that each and every person will have a different view and opinion of you, whether it good, bad or neutral, they will all be different and many of their views will contradict one another. They may even contradict themselves! Depending on what mood they are in or what “filter” they are wearing.

Their attitudes and beliefs have been individually formed from their own personal conditioning– their upbringing, experiences, media, parents, teachers, religion and every little experience that they have lived through…

So trying to please everyone, all the time will eventually drive you insane! As it is completely impossible to achieve.

What is important is that you have integrity and compassion and love in your heart with everything that you do. That you act, behave and present yourself with a positive energy as much as you can; that you have good intentions in everything that you do and that your Presence is of love, light and compassion.

And if you’re feeling low and miserable and down in the dumps (as we all do, and those days are just as special as the good days in making us appreciate the upbeat moments) then do your best not to inflict your bad mood on others, rather be open about how you feel and try to add a little humour about it.

If you do this, then anyone elseСчастливая девушка на природе’s opinions of you really Do Not Matter.

You are then free of the suffocating addiction of self-evaluation and assessment through the eyes of other people and instead you take your power and are confident and empowered in the knowledge that you mean well, that you rock and that your choices are just that- YOUR CHOICES.

Be free to live your life as you want to, in all your colourful glory, without seeking the approval of others and life becomes a whole lot more fun!

Here is an affirmation that can help massively with not being consumed by what other people think or say about you:

“I am completely independent of other people’s views and opinions about me”

Keep saying this to yourself when you find yourself worrying unnecessarily and decide not to take their views personally and instead be proud of who you are.

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I have so many other tricks and tools to help release the stress that worrying about what other people think can cause, and also letting go in general.

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Love and Light to you All-Ways,

Caya xx

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    • June 24, 2015
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    Great article, Caya! I agree wholeheartedly!

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