BE the change you wish to see in the world

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

People are now becoming more and more aware that each of us are a powerful cell within the matrix of the collective consciousness, and through our own vibrations, our thoughts, words, deeds, intentions and expectations we can and are shaping the world around us. Through a deep awareness and responsibility for our own vibrations, we can help and assist in the building of a better world.

Do you wish for more peace in the world? Then be more peaceful.

Do you wish for more tolerance, compassion, cooperation and positive progression? Then be more tolerant, compassionate, cooperative and positively progressive.

We are standing at the point of evolution where there are enough awakened beings here on planet earth to shift and awaken those that are still blinded by the illusions.

If we stand strong, true, authentic, courageous and fearless in our light and be the change that we wish to see, then we can and we will tip the ratio of the planet into the light.

As awakened be-ings with an awareness of this Truth and of our own power as individuals and as a collective, it is our greatest responsibility to lead by example, to show the way, to show that it can be done. That this world can live in harmony, that there is enough to go around, that there is no battle to be won, that everyone is here to be celebrated in their own way… and that if we so desire, we can create a Home from Home, where life is joyful, abundant and a pure celebration of Creation ItSelf!

We have to think beyond our own short lives and start thinking and living beyond the next 20, 40, 60 years. Our goals, ambitions, intentions, desires and manifestations have to project beyond our own lives and reach far out into the “future” of this planet and Gaia herself.

What can we do now, with our lives, that will help shift and create a solid foundation for the future generations upon Gaia to live? To not only exist but to thrive and be the gateway to ascension that it is beneath the illusion of separation?

How can your life be a part of the grand jigsaw in helping individuals, families, communities, societies and nations to wake up and start building a life that they WANT to live, not that they have been TOLD they must live.

It is, and has been since a teenager, my desire to heal myself so that I can spend as much of my life as possible in helping this shift, and if you are reading this, I believe it is your desire also. In each of our own unique ways. Be it though art, dance, conversation, healing, writing, music, telling stories, speaking, teaching, loving unconditionally, standing up and making changes, or going against the “norm” and making decisions that reflect and project a way that is sustainable with a new world…

photoIf each of us were to influence one person, ten people, twenty, a thousand people, imagine what our light, passion, expectation and sheer faith in us as a collective could do in making this world a fucking awesome place to live…

And through every individual we help to have awareness, responsibility and a vision for a brighter future, I wish that they then help 10 people, and that 10 another 10 people, and so on until the ripple of hope, of vision, of courage and of grace is felt and seen as a beautiful vibration of aliveness through the world and continues even after we have left…

We ALL have the power to be the changes in the world that we wish to see…

With love, gratitude and service,

Caya xox

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