Coffee, Margarita’s and Spiritual Savvy

Just because I love a party, I’m a bit wild at heart, I swear sometimes and drink far too much coffee~ does this make me any less of a spiritual person?

Hell no!!

I know that one day I too, like a child bored with a toy, will discard some of my current behaviours and will choose to drink Green Tea over coffee, will have beaten my urges for crazily spicy Bloody Mary’s, Frozen Margarita’s and thickly buttered toast and Marmite and will (more times than not) choose That Which Makes My Soul Feel Good, rather than quick fixes to sooth the mental chaos and ground a swirling mind (or that simply satisfy the taste buds!).

But I know with all my heart that just because I’m at a different place on my spiritual path, it does not mean by any length that I feel less love, less awe and less of a connection with the Divine Spirit and All That Is.

We all know that we should never judge ourselves by others’ standards or compare ourselves with other souls and that when we beat ourselves up for not making the mark, we are not achieving anything but sending out negative frequencies into the Universe

But yet, for many reasons (for example, thousands of years of conditioning), we still do it… on repeat, like the voice of an insecure bully never failing to turn up and ruin your mojo…

When all that we need to learn to do is have love and acceptance of Who We Are Now, and know that we are on a journey. To remember how far we have come and simply hold the vision of Who We Wish To Be in our minds and hearts and glide there gracefully, trusting ourselves and the Universe to take us there.2

No matter where you are on your spiritual, career or personal development path, remember that you are still on your path. If you are reading this, then you KNOW with all of your heart that you are going to do some fricking cool ass shiz in your lifetime. That you ARE going to become that confident, content, successful, empowered and deeply connected being that you are growing into each day, each minute and in every single second of your life~ Just be patient and kind, to yourself All-ways.

So if you feel you could do with a lil’ boost of motivation, encouragement or a big fat  “You are Doing Great” or “You Can Do It” cuddle, or if you would like to find your spiritual shizzle but don’t know where to look first… give me a nudge.

I can help you take a look at what behaviours you’d like to let go of, or to decide on ones that you would like to develop.

Get in touch and let’s talk, all on me (for free!).

Email me at or click here to book your free Discovery Call and let me do what I love to do.

Beaming you so much Love for Life,

Caya xx

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