Health Is Real Wealth. 5 Pledges For Health & Happiness

This month I have come face to face with a massive eye-opening smack in the chops realisation and lifelong lesson.

HEALTH is THE most precious and valuable thing one can acquire and keep in life.

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This month I experienced burn out. Not for the first time, but I am hoping for the last time. I pushed myself to the limits, worked my little butt off to the bone, gave every single ounce of myself to my clients, friends, kids and family and emptied my Self to the very last drops.

I got ill. I lost my inspiration. A big black cloud of lethargy, poor health and lacklustre moods cast it’s shadows over my mind and body and for the first time in ages, I felt lost.

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BANG. There it was. My no turning back point. My “you will learn this lesson the hard way”.

So I stopped. I rested, I wrote, I pondered, I shared with loved ones and I looked for the lesson and the message. I sat in the cloud and questioned how I could ever get my inspired, musey self back. And I waited.

Then it all became clear. The lesson this whole burn out experience was blasting at my cluelessly naive face…

The obvious fact that my main goal in life is not just to build a successful business that spreads love and light to the corners of the universe and help as many people as I can (although it is still my burning desire to do so), what is MOST important is that I have optimum health, vitality and energy to do so and to enjoy my life, every day, from now until a ripe old age. To be 60, 70, 80 even and be playing with my grandchildren, laughing, walking, swimming in the ocean and dancing in the sand bare foot with my loved ones until the early hours.

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It is to invest in my health so that dis-ease, illness, pain and poor health are not a part of my life. The prospect of not achieving this goal sent an icy cold shiver of realisation down my spine and I listened.

To have this dream, to fully invest in this future, it is not hours and hours spent pushing and hustling, cramming in business activities to the detriment of my health. It is about looking after my Self, my whole Being, mind, body and soul so that I may live a healthy life and be around to enjoy every moment that is laid out before me.

So I asked for help. I got myself a coach, a nutritionist and a new attitude! And with this realisation, I’d like to share with you:

My top 5 changes that I am pledging to take to ensure I step onto the path of optimum health to live the rest of my life with vitality and inspiration:

#1. Avoid Sugar

With the background hum of food addiction that I deal with daily, plus occasional flare ups of inflamed bowels and IBS, I have researched quite a bit into the links with these symptoms and the foods that you eat. One recent shocker was the link to food addiction and sugar intake. And all the findings ring so true. The epidemic of obesity has boomed since the over consumption of sugar started and it is shocking when you start looking into what contains sugar- pretty much everything! Here is a video for a bit of info, and a sugar lovers wake up call!

Finding alternatives is tricky but it can be done! Once you realise the damaging effect that sugar is having on your health, it is much easier to make the decision to cut down, or even better cut it out completely. This book I Quit Sugar: Your Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook has recently been recommended to me and I have it on order at amazon as we speak. Let me know if you check it out and what you think.

Also by cutting down or avoiding meat, wheat and dairy, you will reap massive health benefits. Next month, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite “free from” meals and ingredients, so keep your eyes peeled! Going free from doesn’t have to mean going without yummy foods, it’s just a matter of finding another way. Get in touch and tell me about your alternatives, I’d love to hear  your strategies!

#2. Stop rushing everywhere.

I received the perfect quote from my TUT notes from the universe the other morning:

Conceptual children painted hand print and heart isolated on white background“The more one hurries, Caya, the less time they have. Chill” The Universe.

As I wrote in my recent newsletter, pushing and rushing to reach your goals is not always the best way and can in fact sometimes push them away and cause stress and tension in your body.

Notice yourself as you go about your day. When are you rushing.? Why are you rushing? What is your body telling you? How can you slow down and listen to your body?  Find ways of giving yourself more time so that you are not in a panicked state of urgency all the time.

Your body will thank you in the long run. Life is not a race. If you want to get to the finish line, you must take care of yourself and that means health first. BEing happy and healthy over DOing and pushing. The rest will follow.

#3. Watch your thoughts. Eliminate resistance and victimhood.

I catch myself all too often falling into the victim archetype trap, especially when housework is concerned! This overload of negative thoughts and resistance releases a whole load of toxic energies and chemicals into your blood stream and aura. A definite no no for optimum health.

Stressed Young Woman Lying on Pile of Clothes. Model ReleasedA common victim archetype conversation that I find myself in weekly, goes something like this: “All this mess, the kids are driving me crazy, if I could just have some help. It’s really stressing me out. What a waste of time and energy.”

With a simple shift in attitude from victim to gratitude, my whole perspective and outlook is altered: “I am so blessed to have all these wonderful things to care for. I am grateful my children are energetic and happy.  Thank you universe to have such a lovely home and wonderful clothes, dishes and food. I am SO grateful for everything I have as I know these would be luxuries to many others…”

With an attitude of gratitude and least resistance, everything becomes much easier and life becomes happier; reducing stress and helping your body stay healthy…

See here for my article on how to turn the housework into meditation.


#4. Connect to your Healthiest most Vibrant Self

1Design and develop a crystal clear picture of what your life and you would be like as a vital, vibrant and energised version of yourself. Here is a great exercise that I created to help you to see what it is that you are aiming for, 10 Top Ways To Sustain your energy. Just by working through the 10 tips and taking the time to answer each question you can make real progress in achieving an energised and vibrant you.

One of the biggest things I have taken from doing this exercise (yes I try and test all of my tools on myself first) is that I have cut down my coffee intake by half. I now tip half decaf and half normal coffee into a pot and use this. I will continue to reduce the amount of “full fat” coffee until eventually it is decaf and I will move onto a barley cup instead. Go me!

#5. Do More of What Makes You Happy and Stay Focussed on the Fun of It!

When you are engrossed in something that you love to do, your body, mind and soul are aligned and doing what they do best- creating! This state brings pure joy to your Being and your body vibrates with health and vibrancy.

Your “lighter uppers” may include anything that you can get lost in and that feels good. Dancing, singing, making, writing, creating, designing, playing, cooking, walking, breathing, dreaming, loving, reading, sharing, listening, connecting are just a few of the beautiful things you may love to do and that will fill your cells with health and vibrancy.

Here is an exercise I have made previously that can help identify what your own personal lighter uppers are… Do more of what you love and be happy!

Go follow your bliss gorgeous, be happy and be healthy!

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I hope this months blog has been inspiring, interesting and useful. So, the next time you feel a burn out on the horizon or you feel your body scream for help, remember that:

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”


Wishing you all the Health, Wealth and Happiness in the World,

Love You All-Ways,

Caya xox


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