Heartfelt Intentions & the Unfolding of Dreams

Sooooo, How did we all get on with our New Moon Intentions on Tuesday?

Whether you casually set one intention in motion with a passing day dream or like me you spent the week prior planning, and the evening in quiet contemplation of your hearts desires~ it is still wonderfully exciting to watch the unfolding of an idea as it moves it’s way towards you.

I am very excited about what I have planned this month! I thought I would share just a few of the heartfelt decisions I have made, based on the goals I have set myself in my Goal Setting Workbook (request your copy here) and one especially exciting one about my beautiful biz Lion Eyes Life.

The first two decisions are simple, personal intentions but ones that influence my life greatly, I feel they show just how developing a few simple habits can really make a difference to your overall wellbeing and day to day happiness

My Top 3 Intentions for the Month Ahead:

Food Diary#1. To ensure that I write down everything I eat each day, as this is the key to me getting to and staying at a weight where I feel comfortable and confident and reduces “snack attack” and emotional eating behaviours. I know how much I have eaten and know how many calories I have left for the day. I usually stick to 6 meals of 250 calories spread out during the day although I do often have the last two together for my evening meal- this works for me and keeps me satisfied and my metabolism burning efficiently.

#2. To be kind to myself, put my wellness first and do everything I possibly can to sustain a frequency of “feeling good”. So whatever is happening in my outward worlSteps to the sund, to do my best to let it go and shift back into “feel good” mode… Listening to mood enhancing music, meditating and reading and listening to inspiring materials (such as Abraham Hicks) really helps me to stay in a place of alignment.

#3. To take some time looking at my business and injecting it with some new energy. I believe as we grow, so too does our work. My spiritual and personal journey has evolved greatly over the past year and I feel my business needs to reflect this.

CreativitySo, I have decided to spend a couple of weeks making some changes to my website and letting it evolve. This will include a rebrand and a re-jig of the website and I am really excited to get started.

I may be a little quiet over the upcoming weeks to allow some time and space to really settle into the creative process so please forgive me for not connecting~ I’ve not forgotten you! In fact I will be working behind the scenes to hopefully come up with something beautiful to inspire and motivate you to live your life to the full, with passion, courage and vision.

I’d love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for the new site, colour schemes, topics to include in posts and anything else you feel you’d like to share, please do. I plan on sending out a short survey in the coming days to get some ideas and some suggestions from those that matter mostyou.

Wishing heaps of fun and lightness,

Caya xx

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