How Meditation Saved My Life…

Meditation has been a massive part of my life since I was a teenager. I imagine the hours spent as a child watching a fishing float bobbing on the ponds surface with my hippy angler father helped me to recognise the magic in the stillness. Most of my weekends from the age of 5-11 were spent in the forests of Sussex climbing trees, walking through miles of trickling “magic river” streams and waking at the break of dawn to silently sit in fields to watch the dear and stag graze gracefully in the morning dew.

I now understand how these moments have embedded themselves into my core and were my first connections and understandings of the peace that nature sings, which as an adult I now see are reflections of the peace that lies within.

This place of peace that I was so lucky to connect with as an innocent child has been as important to my life as the oxygen that I breathed. It is this place of quiet and tranquillity that gave me comfort and reprise from the lonely darkness that I found myself in often during my teens and twenties. Instead of chosing to escape with drugs, food and alcohol in every moment of emptiness, I was blessed to also have the choice of meditation to provide the comfort I was most craving.

Be it listening to nature or classical music and practicing yoga and dance, sitting or walking in nature and listening to the birds or sitting cross-legged focusing on my breathing, this practice of quietening the mind and connecting to the inner vastness of peace within me has been my saving grace and I cannot recommend this gentle and life changing practice more.

In practicing to quieten the mind so that you may connect with and listen to the vast unlimited space of peace and tranquillity that lies within you, you re-mind yourself of your Truth and you allow your soul to be heard and your body to be rested.

In this place great healing takes place. Your body and mind are free. You dissolve into the bliss of nothingness that is the All and the No-thing and the bit in between.

In this state of be-ing, there is no resistance, no limitations, no attachment to thoughts, just pure peace, freedom, space, lightness, expansion and bliss.

It is a coming home for the soul.

It is here you remember who you are. Timeless, limitless, fearless, pure peaceful consciousness.

When you add to this place of peace, tranquillity, freedom and infinite space, the awareness and concept of abundant creation, and feel the sea of vibrant Love and Life that you are floating in, you begin to feel your true power and place as a co-creator of yours and every Be-ings human experience.

Park View Woods Landscape

It is in this place where anything is possible, you are limitless, boundless and free, connected to Every-thing. Anything is possible, you truly realise that with your intention you can bring about whatever your heart does desire, and with the awareness that creation, life and abundance is infinite, your desire to give and share and love and be of service to everyone else within this web of creation intensifies.

You realise that whenever and whatever you give out, the gap that the giving creates is instantly filled with more of the same to give.

You are a vessel for whatever it is that you wish to give. And the more you give, the more you will receive to give. There is limitless energy and Life. When you truly tap into this place of pure potentiality and use it for the healing and growth and love and service to the Whole of the Web of creation that you are so intrinsically a part of, you become an overflowing vessel of Joyfullness. You recognise your limitless potential and you become a Source of Love, Creation, Abundance and joy. You experience The Ultimate Human Experience.


This place is available to us All. Each and every One of Us.

If you make one addition, change or improvement to your life this month, practice meditation more or begin the process of quietening your mind to hear that which your soul is telling you…

You are limitless, you are peace-full, joy-full and love and abundance are your natural state of Be-ing….

Love you All-ways,

Caya xox


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