How to Fall Asleep Each Night In Your Happy Ever After

Meditation is something that I know people find difficult to number #1. Prioritise over their already bulging diaries and number #2. Find relaxing with a thousand whizzing thoughts circling their minds…

As a busy mumtrepreneur, I understand the pressures of time and of fitting all of the tasks of work, life and fun into the short 16 hours of awake time we have each day. But I also know the benefits of taking the time to sit in stillness, to connect to your inner wisdom and to let your mind align with your body and to your soul.

This is no woo-woo non-sense, this is energetically and scientifically sound and it is well known that the energies of our body are influenced and affected by the mis-alignment, stress and chaos of an overly busy mind trying to operate in an overly busy world.

The simple practice of sitting in silence or with relaxing music playing each day for just 20 minutes can help alleviate stress, anxiety, illness and can help you to identify the easiest and quickest path to your goals.

Many of the actions that we take each day do not have the results that we are actually seeking and are a form of procrastinating. I know, i’m way too guilty of it too!

It is said that it is in only 20% of our daily actions that 80% or results are made. So to identify what those tasks in the 20% are, we need to be connected to our inner wisdom.

It is through going within that we are able to fully and purposefully move forward.

And in sitting in the silence of your presence and asking for solutions, you will start to hear their whispers. Life will become more aligned, intuned and flow with ease as if being guided by a soft wind.

Life is not meant to be a struggle. Abundance, success, happiness and a life of ease is ours for the taking, is our birth right. But in order for us to see the path that is laid for us, the golden path that will lead to our ultimate happiness, fulfilment and joyful celebration we need to prioritise time for our alignment with our inner selves, our spirit, our soul, our inner guidance.

Taking just 20 minutes each morning to practice sitting still and calming the mind can make the difference between a day that flows and is full of smiles and progression and a day that is full of clumsy knocks and bangs, mistakes and stresses. Believe me! If I don’t take my 20 min morning meditation time, my day aint a pretty one!


I wake each morning before my “alarm” (my 2 boys) goes off and I sit with hot water and lemon and I breathe. I ground myself, I protect myself and I visualise my day as I intend on it to go. I take myself through my day and I watch as I go about each task, happy, in flow, calm and joyful. I watch as I calmly deal with the school run, I watch the session with my clients and the outcome I desire, I watch as I book in new people and the excitement I feel to help another soul to align to their happiness and I end with a vision of myself in bed, smiling and happy that I have had a joy-filled day.

It is within this process that you can also spot worries, stresses and circumstances that project anxiety. By sitting in the moment and asking your inner guide to show you the solution, if you wait and listen, you will be shown. If not in the morning meditation, it will come to you throughout the day if you simply hold faith that you are being guided and that the easy, flowing, joyful path is there if you listen and look hard enough.

Through doing this simple visualisation daily, you will have created a map, a plan, a path that is ready for you to follow. As you go about your day, you will already know what you wish to happen and therefore you have guidance. Set the intention as you wake and watch as the universe shifts to align with your expectations.

Write the script of your day and watch as you fall asleep in your happy ever after.

With Love & Light,

Caya xx

If you would like to discuss this further or purchase my 20 minute morning meditation, get in touch here.

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