It’s Time To Warrior Princess Your Fears Into Oblivion! Warning: Contains strong language (sorry!)

I have decided that I have had enough of fear. I lived my life in fear for more years than i’d like to admit and I am NOT f-ing doing it any more.

I lived with anxiety, paranoia, social anxieties, eating disorders, loneliness and addiction for far too long! I transformed myself and broke through these fears, but still a niggle lives on at the back of my mind- my own self-doubt, my own tormenting fear of standing up and showing up and it is time for it to take a hike…


I have a voice! I have a perspective that runs through my veins and begs to be said out loud! I have a Truth and I want to share it with whoever wants to listen. As Wayne Dyer says:


I’m not going to apologise for who I am anymore, and neither should you!

We all have our quirks. My views and opinions may not resonate with you, and yours may not vibrate on the same frequency as your neighbour or you sister-in-law, and you know what, that is totally okay. We are all different and we should celebrate those differences.

I’m not trying to please everyone. I’m not trying to do anything! I am simply expressing who I am. In all of my quirks, shades and faces:Summer colors

I am the most forgetful person I know. I swear when I get over excited, my spelling is appalling and my guilty pleasure is to eat crisps in bed. I’m a pretty rubbish driver. I can coach my clients better than I coach myself. I sometimes try too hard and I probably care too much!

But who gives a shit?! I actually love being me!

And I want you to feel the same!

I’ve never really fit in with the “pretty” or “cool” crowd. I’ve always been a bit “weird”, “crazy” or as I grew up people liked to use the term “F ‘ed up”. And to a certain extent they were right.

But I wasn’t really  “F ‘ed-up” at all but merely “feared-up”.

I was totally riddled with fear. Fear of ridicule. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. And worst of all fear of fear! Fear scared the shit out of me and through my phobia of fear, I gave it ALL my power.

The minute I decided to say “FUCK YOU FEAR” was the minute I truly became alive, aware and empowered.

The moment I chose to step up and take this “mic” (I’m manifesting me speaking this shiz at an event!) and to show you that FEAR IS FALSE was the moment I truly realised WHY I have spent the last 15 years fighting my demons. For you. For every single person out there that thinks that they cannot do it, that they are not good enough, that they don’t count. Let me tell you, you CAN, and you DO count and you WILL do this.

My message, loud and clear: Fear is an Illusion.

That fear is simply False Expectations Appearing Real. That fear is just a man-made mind trick that casts a shadow over your true light, and that it can be removed with a simple shift…

A quantum shift that is so simple in that all you have to do is decide to not let it hold you back any more.

dancer elegant light and air

To remove fear is to remove limitations.

To remove fear is to be yourself fully and whole heartedly in every moment.

To remove fear is to understand Life, God, Divinity.

And to remove fear is to find true freedom.


So ask yourself:

~ What’s stopping you from applying for that course? – Fear.

~ What’s stopping you from speaking to that gorgeous soul at your local? – Fear

~ What’s stopping you from joining that class, meeting new friends, passing that test or doing what you love to do more, every day and as often as you can? – Fear.

~ What’ s stopping you from getting your butt out there and meeting your people, sharing your message and lighting your freaking town up from the inside out? – Fear!

Warrior woman. Fantasy fashion idea.

IT’S TIME TO TAKE AWAY THAT FEAR! To stand and be seen!

To no longer allow our fears to consume us, restrict us or cut the life energy from our veins and from our hearts.

You CAN stand and be heard! Your beautiful soul is begging to be seen!

~And by doing so you allow others the space, the time and the safety, to come forth and be seen themselves~

Go big (in the words of Gabby B) and you will be guided! By your higher power, by your inner guide, by spirit and by the many wonderful souls upon this planet that are here to guide and nurture you, and I am right here with you ladies.

I’m here if you need motivation, inspiration or a chat about how you can say F YOU! to your fears and go big ~ Call me, email me, send a pigeon or a message in a bottle! Just get in touch and set the intention today.

Love you truly, madly, deeply,

Caya xxx

Fear exercise

Here’s a free exercise to help you start eliminating your fears today, now, right f-ing now!!!!! Rahhhh!! Your life deserves to be lionised! Honour the lion within you and make some noise today!

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