“Life is a Metaphor” 3:33am Inspiration

This morning I woke up and knew that it was 3:33am or close, I promised that if it was, I would take Wayne Dyer’s suggestion of getting up and putting pen to paper whenever you wake in the early hours- so I looked at my phone and saw 3:23am~ “that’s close enough” I thought.

So up I got and this is what I was given:

Life is a metaphor.

Life is a mixture of symbols and similes. Everything you see is not quite as it appears.

Colours for instance are just a reflection of light from an object and it is our eyes that perceive the actual colour~ this perception depends on the eyes ability to process the light, some animals see only in black and white while others like bees, can see ultraviolet colours invisible to the human eye. It has been suggested also that everyone’s colours may even be different, your red may be my green. Everyone’s perception of reality is different.

Form, although appearing solid is actually a matrix of vibrating cells, of which each cell is made of pure consciousness, thought; and you my dear are at the control panel at Head Quarters, where your Higher Consciousness resides.

Between your Higher Consciousness, your Subconscious and your Conscious selves, you are working the magic that is your life, your reality, your metaphoric fairy tale.

Why? To forget and to remember.

To forget that Love is All there really Is. To forget that you are safe. To forget that you have everything you could ever wish for and to forget how to get it. To forget that magic is real, that you are All One and that you have NOTHING to fear.

To experience the mystery of not knowing, to experience what it feels like to have no idea of why you even exist!

And to decide, free willingly, who you wish to be and to remember who you truly are.

Your life is a metaphor for your relationship with God/ Divine/ Source. It is not to be measured by how much you have, but by how much you be and how much you love.

So what is your life’s metaphor telling you?

Decode your metaphor to see your Truth. What daily changes can you make to make your fairy tale move towards a more happier ever after? What patterns keep repeating that you can choose to change?

What colours and magic are you choosing to see?

With love and light,

Caya xx

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