Lifting The Veil

Sometimes I ponder what truly lies beyond the veil of illusion that is draped so delicately before our eyes.

A wispy layer of energy created by our own conditioning and beliefs that exists as the only barrier between us and heaven upon earth.

As I look around and view the world with the wonder and innocence of a child’s eyes, I begin to connect with a realm long forgotten.

The oceans waves lap delicately as if kissing the earths face, the calming tide personifying the breathing of existence. The wind in my hair a gentle caressing of mother natures warmth and loving, healing grace.

The birds that sing as if gifting us with the voice of Gaia~ a mating call perhaps but through the eyes of Eden, they sing a symbolic harmony of remembrance, of joy and of freedom.

The winds movement through the grass sends sparkles of light through the air and touches your eyes where your brain recognises it for what it is. Or perhaps what it is not…

Could it be the fur of Gaia, stroked by her elements, cared for by her elementals..?


What lie beneath the veil of illusions?

The connection of life, the web of energy that we are all created from, entwined and connected to. A collective of individual souls, formed in the same image as the creator. Holographic projections of ancient archetypes, beholding the wisdom of all time, but simply forgotten. Here to re-member.

If we were to see through the eyes of a Fae One how different would it seem..?

The life force exuding from the earth beneath, the chi radiating from the sun and stars above, the prana exchanged from tree to man, from man to tree…

Huge tree at Peradeniya Botanical Garden Sri lanka

The vibrations exchanged from person to person, a look, a glance, a smile, a nod, a hand shake, a hug, a blessing a gift~ the power in intention hidden from view but more powerful than sight itself.

The unseen world of magic and miracles, of hope, faith, intention, courage, grace and connection is more powerful than any image viewed or material item gained.

What if the veil were lifted for but a moment and the true magic of Life was revealed…

Would we still feel anger towards our mothers and fathers for their unconscious choices?

Would we still curse the rain upon our faces?

Would our tongue engage in anything but beauty, wonder and creativity?

If the ripple of our actions could be seen by our eyes and the journey of their current felt within our souls, would we choose to inflict drama, pain or anything but love?

Dandelion To Sunset - Freedom to Wish

With the gift of awareness, comes the gift of empowerment. As Re-membered (or re-membering) Ones we must conquer the hypnotising pulls of the illusion and stand strong against its tide. Hold space for those around you and stand true to your deepest inner standings.

See the magic. Lift the illusion. Believe in miracles. Believe in Grace. Believe in you. I do.

Love you All-ways,

Caya xox

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