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Welcome to your Re-Tuning & Re-Membering Station. The place you will go to when you need to re-align yourself, when you need some guidance and re-minding of how to go about manifesting your dreams.


The Member’s area is here to help you to be happier, less stressed, more aligned in every moment and to help you to manifest abundance and feel the magic in life whatever is going on in your outward world.  I use everything I have learnt over the past 6 years’ training and practicing as a Personal Performance Coach, and my lifelong study of how to experience happy, healthy living even amoungst the drama and chaos that life thows at you.

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With so much love, I have put together this toolkit of tricks,, tools and tried and tested resources to help you have the Vision, Courage and Grace to make your dreams come true…

As a Member you will have access to a heap of articles, workbooks, online workshops, webinars and more- a one stop shop to helping you live your life as the happiest and most contented you possible.

Membership Price

Lion Eyes Life Member’s Area will help you to:

Have crystal clear Vision in every moment and the ability to hold that vision in your heart with everything that you do.

Be Courageous and Confident enough to step out of your comfort zone and go for what it is your heart is yearning for.

Have the Grace to make your journey the most beautiful, effortless and wonder-filled adventure to Heaven on Earth that your soul could dream of….

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~And all for less than a Light Lunch with the Ladies~

~Access it all for just £9.95 a month~

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