“Since meeting Caya I can’t believe how much has changed…

from a new partner, career and genuinely falling in love with myself (which I don’t think I every truly did before) she has taught me so much and helped me reconnect with so many other souls I’d lost touch with over the years. I couldn’t recommend Caya highly enough she literally changed so many things by just shifting my thought pattern through simple exercises and questions

Ally Sunman, Northam, UK“I find Caya to be a bright, shining light, deeply intuitive and sensitive to people’s feelings and needs.

 I have attended Caya’s support group since it began and a day retreat in June. Caya puts her heart and soul into all that she organises and her professionalism, organisational skills and depth of knowledge are extremely impressive.

She has a deep connection with all her ladies and her group is a joy to attend. We always go home knowing what our next step on the path will be whilst having had a laugh and a lovely sense of connection and togetherness.

The day retreat was brilliant from start to finish, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It was held in a stunning location with a truly inspiring, uplifting and varied content. The emphasis was on self exploration and self healing with a big element of fun and laughter. I enjoyed it so much I’m going again in November for the weekend retreat. Can’t wait:) I love this lady and all that she does.

You can guarantee value for money, excellent content and the pleasure of Caya’s love of life and joyful energy.”

Sandy Robbins, Bideford, UK

“I am in such a different place to where I was when I first found Caya.

I have had coaching with Caya for just over a year and a half. One to one coaching, small group coaching and exercise and a retreat. I can’t recommend her highly enough! I am in such a different place to where I was when I first found Caya. She is inspirational and a joy to spend time with. Looking forward to lots more. Bless you Caya.”

Sue Revell, North Devon, UK“I’ve Been on a few day retreats and by far this one has to top it.

The team of lion eyes life with Caya was so well organised and creative & so much fun. I would totally recommend to a close friend or anyone who has never been on a day retreat before. It’s very needed in our lives I believe it’s worth doing so we can nurture and relax and have fun and focus all on our selfs for one day. And feel totally amazing!!! Thanks to everyone who was involved in the retreat. Much love.”

Aimee Hagger, Braunton, UK

“Caya has been my coach for a year and a half and as a small business owner, she has been an invaluable part of my little team.

 She has been there through the hard times, always lifting me up and helping me to see my strengths, which she is brilliant at! She has joined in my excitement during the good times and she has helped me to get to the stage in which I have been able to give up my regular job to concentrate on my own work.

I have also had the privelege of attending her first Spring Retreat, which was one of my most favourite experiences and certainly a true spiritual awakening for me. I have never seen such attention to detail and we all became a very special group of friends over the weekend.

The food was absolutely delicious and the activities were very enriching for the soul. The venue is spectacular, with beautiful cottages and fantastic views to wake up to. Furthermore, it is outstanding value for money!
I can’t wait to go back again next March! Thank you, Caya.”

Joanna Broughton, Derbyshire, UK

“Caya has an extraordinary clarity in her thoughts and strong intuition to know how to help people to be their very best selves.

She inspires and illuminates by her own lightness of being and has great depth in her understanding of the way the universe works! Frighteningly well organised, she puts her retreats and workshops together so professionally; thinking all the details through brilliantly so the participants gain the maximum holistic input from their experience. Bless you Caya, Namaste…”

Nixie James-Scott, Torrington, UK

“I came across Caya by chance on Facebook and liked her page, from there I started messaging her as we had similarities/connections. I had the delight of joining her on her most recent Spring retreat. Caya is a sweet, gentle soul with plenty of gusto and grit thrown in too. She put in so much thought, preparation and love to her retreat and I came away on a real high, smiling all the way home 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

I’m excited to see her again on her Autumn retreat xx”

Jess Twydall, Lynton, UK

“I met Caya earlier this year and have been attending her group coaching sessions which have included

guided group meditation, discovering what is important and which steps to take next, along with encouragement , support, and conversation with refreshments in Cayas lovely garden room which is a welcoming and friendly safe space.

Caya has helped me to find focus and to get my life back on track. She is a bright, positive sunny person full of enthusiasm and I would recommend her to others.” Julia Kite, North Devon, UK

“Since I encountered Cayas life coaching methods I found life has become so much better. Working together creating achievable goals is so rewarding. The fun we have shared in her groups with other like minded people has also really helped me to become more motivated and I am able to see a new way forward xx”

Gaenor Barker, North Devon, UK

“Caya is a Goddess. There aren’t enough ways to express how much she has helped me with my personal journey.

I am already down a dress size. My energy is back and my whole family is shifting to a more healthy way of living.

Stacey Marie Fruits,  Georgia, USA

“I cannot recommend the lovely Caya Munro highly enough. I feel like a new person!

She really is worth her weight in gold”

Marcela Almond, North Devon

I couldn’t have started my journey without you Caya. It’s only just begun but I feel so different. There continue to be tests and It takes work and effort, and commitment from ourselves but the scaffolding you provide is incredible. Special lady, you are.”

Heather Baguley, London

“Thank you, Caya! I really had a totally inspiring time! Your Saturday workshop really gave me the confidence to believe and to trust that I can make it all happen for myself... thank you so much! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

Jacqueline Keswani, North Devon


Nina Testimonial

“Caya is so approachable and grounded and more importantly, so good at what she does”

“I had Caya as my business coach, and without a doubt a terrific decision! I found the initial process of setting up a business overwhelming and quite daunting at times. However, Caya always listened exceptionally well, and challenged me appropriately. Helping me come up with new ideas and new ways of looking at my issues and barriers.

She made the coaching process flow like a natural conversation. I found this particularly helpful as I was able to generate my best solutions in my relaxed state.

I would recommend her to anyone whom is serious about life coaching.”

 Nina Virk, Willenhall, West Midlands


         “Caya is a great Coach. She is warm, fun and soulful”

“She has been instrumental in helping me gain clarity about what I really want out of life and as a result I feel I am on the right path towards achieving my goals both professionally and personally. During our sessions, Caya asks great challenging questions that really make you think about what is important.

She keeps you accountable for your progress and also calls your attention to the little successes along the way. This is really empowering and helps you recognise growth and progress.

Caya has great energy and a positive ‘can do’ attitude which is very motivating.

Anyone who works with Caya is in for a great experience!”

Elaine Bonfrer, Chester, Cheshire

“Caya is an inspirational person and her positive attitude is infectious”

“Caya made me realise I had the answers already to focus on my forthcoming course, but with her techniques and support I was able to realise the path to success.

The most satisfying feeling was the realisation that I had the answers and positivity within me all along, but Caya helped me find it!

I would recommend Caya to anyone wanting to find their true path, motivation and positivity.”

Louise Claydon, West Sussex

“I want to say a heartfelt thank you for the fabulous workshop you held for my team. We all left feeling inspired supported and looking forward to more

     Dana Franks, Area Manager, Arbonne International


“Caya is incredibly warm and enthusiastic and fills the room with positive energy”

                   Sue Ward, Owner, Mill Lane Studios, North Devon


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