Souls of Beauty Dwelling Amongst Us

I have been inspired, moved and motivated greatly over the past few months by the teachings of Dr Paul Leon Masters, the Founder of the University of Metaphysics, and this article was particularly wonderful.

This is a personal message to each and every one of you beautiful people out there that can recall and remember a place of peace, harmony, bliss and beauty, and with this I send gratitude, love and appreciation for all that you are and do in this physical realm. You really are super special souls and if you are reading these words, this is a message for you and a reminder that you truly are a soul of beauty…

Souls of Beauty Dwelling Amongst Us

By Dr Masters of the University of Metaphysics

Idealists dream of a perfect world—a world of peace and harmony where all reflects the beauty of Divine life. Can such a world of beauty be contemplated as a possibility? Mystical awareness knows that what may seem to be idealistic wanderings of the imagination might be glimpses into a Higher Reality.

Anything of a true Higher Reality brings one’s mind closer to Universal Consciousness or God. There are many levels of Beingness and souls that correspond to each level, and the Christ Mind that was in Jesus alluded to this Mystical Reality of Beingness in the words, “In my Father’s house are many mansions.” At each higher level the closeness to the Universal Creative Presence or God draws nearer.

In this physical plane of the planet Earth, there exist souls who have incarnated from a higher level of Beingness and are closer to the Ultimate Presence or God. Those who seek Wisdom, Universal Awareness, and Enlightenment—the philosophers and true mystics—bring a portion of the Absolute to be expressed to those who are not awake to the profoundness of life on a Universal Level of Beingness or Higher Consciousness. Considering this world’s population, they are few in numbers, because those who are the “seekers” are few among the vast number of souls inhabiting the earth.

There is another soul grouping that inhabits the earth. Their numbers are larger than that of the mystics’ soul grouping, because their expression of the Divine is more universal, more easily understood by the soul masses of humanity.

Their message is love.

It is not love of fame, fortune, earthly power, or the all too temporary illusions of worldly life on Earth. Instead, they love the beauty of God expressed in all creation. These souls have incarnated from realms of Beingness close to God’s Presence, where all is peace, love and harmony—and love of an ethereal nature is seen expressed in the earthly beauty of form, shape, colour, sound, and scent. While the word “trouble” exists rampantly throughout the Earth plane, in this other realm, where the beauty of God’s Allness permeates throughout, the word “trouble” is nonexistent, for its meaning or experience is unknown. There, ethereally clothed souls of peace, harmony, and love abide, as the Beauty of God expresses. These are souls who do not know of war, conflict, and the other dualities that are of earthly plane experience.

Universal Consciousness, Spirit, or God is in a continual process of refinement of all creations, including the endless soul groupings of varying stages of awareness. Thus it is that souls of Higher Awareness are sent to soul groupings that are lacking such awareness—that they may gradually awaken to a Higher Divine order of life.

Such a soul grouping can be called Souls of Beauty.

What are the characteristics of such souls?

  • They wish to see or acknowledge only good and beauty in the world.
  • Their focus is in excluding obvious flaws in others and emphasizing only the good.
  • Their positive thinking far surpasses traditional positive thinkers.
  • They feel most comfortable surrounded by the natural beauties of nature—the forests, oceans, birds, flowers, and animals. A beautiful sunrise or sunset fills their souls with excitement, for it is a reminder of the tapestry of the higher plane from which they come.
  • They do not wish to hear of wars or conflicts. Hence, they are the ones who are accused of “burying their heads in the sand”—not facing physical world realities, living in denial.

In their Reality—they love all things of beauty because their very nature is beauty in embodiment. Such beings are Souls of Beauty—“in this world, not of it,” as the Christ Mind in Jesus expressed it. Incarnating into this world, they are a higher energy frequency at their soul level and thus far more sensitive to the experiences of earthly life. Because of this, they are far more easily hurt on a feeling level than souls of a denser, earthly level of soul energy. If they experience hurt there is a strong tendency to retreat from earthly interests and create their own world within a world where they can create beauty of their own making.

As we travel through a physical lifetime, any encounter with Souls of Beauty can be a blessing. Their very presence, attitude, outlook, and values can brighten your soul’s day. You may think them naïve and unrealistic—that earthly life is not like they see it. And yes, you are right—but they are right, too! They are here to refine your soul, to instill into it the seeds of what can be; because, in a realm of Beingness, close to God—it already is.

Whenever you are so blessed in your life in encountering a Soul of Beauty—be exceedingly grateful and thankful, for your soul is being gifted God’s Beauty, as an oasis in the desert of earthly life.

Dr. Masters

This is an article taken from the University of Metaphysics website. More from Dr Masters can be found here:   I have received full permission from the University to share this message and I hope it has filled you with as much divine love and grace as it did for me.

Love to all of the wonderful Souls of Beauty dwelling amongst us. If you know of a special someone who would be moved and inspired by this message, please pass it on.

With Love,

Caya xox

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