Success & Happiness~ A State of Mind

Happiness is a state of mind.

Confidence is a state of mind.

Beauty is a state of mind.

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If you feel all of these things, and act all of these things, you shall BE all of these things…

Yesterday I felt low energy, down and had lost my mojo and when I looked in the mirror my face reflected this- I looked puffy, down trodden and dull

But as the day progressed and I worked on my inner self~ a quick but effective 30 min pep talk with my coach, and some of my tried and tested feel fab, energising exercises (run around with my boys, read of inspiring materials, lots of mineral water, good fresh food, deep breathing, sunshine, a sing song, positive self talk, mindfully connecting to the divine)…

I did it! I felt alive, strong, empowered and full of self love and even though I thought my reflection and outward appearance didn’t show this, I didn’t care because that’s how I felt!.. I truly understood that your state of mind and feeling of wellbeing should NOT be a result or affected by how you appear to others…

But I was about to have a massive AHA! moment… when I looked in the mirror on my next loo break I had a pleasant surprise! All of a sudden I looked in the mirror and I saw a slim, stronghappy and empowered lady staring back at me! Wo! Haha!

All I did was change my mindset!!!!!

I was amazed! The power of your mindset! And on how you look & shine!

I GOT IT! Beauty, confidence, empowerment, success, happiness and joy are all things that first have to be felt, experienced, embraced and believed in before you can truly be and have any of them in your life.

F@ck the reflection. If you feel beautiful, strong and empowered you will shine so bright that all other people will see is your true inner beauty & how you look in the mirror is irrelevant.

Believe in yourself, believe in your power and shine so bright that you help others to see their spark and add a lil’ light to the world…

And it all starts and finishes with your mindset.

Let me help you change your mindset. I’m offering a FREE Mindset Coaching Session to help reframe your thoughts and live life from a centred, focused and blooming beaming place!

Whether you are embarking on a new diet and fitness regime to get fit for the summer, training for a marathon, going on a date, preparing for an interview or just wish to go about your day with a spring in your step… just one Mindset Coaching Session can help you to start the journey from the best possible place to acheive the success you really want

Get in touch to book and bloom like the beautiful budding flower you are!

I can’t wait to hear from you and brighten up your day/week/life!!

Love to you Illuminating Lionesses of Light!

x Caya x


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