The LightHouse~ Think Hogwarts for Angels

This morning during my Sourcing and Meditations, I asked for a vision for what I am working towards and this is what I was given:

The LightHouse.

Think Hogwarts for Angels.

Together as a collective of Light Workers we have built a Spiritual School. Its grandeur sparkles with Love and Light. The magnificent white building surrounded with beautiful gardens is lit up from within by a beautiful and powerful crystal that sits high in the tower, shining light into the universe and calling upon the angels and Lightworkers of the world to come Home and learn on Earth as they do in Heaven.

Lessons are taught on the Souls Journey, about how to work with and release the ego and how to become a Master of this physical realm.

Each soul is taught to teach and become a harmonised note on the flow of Life back to it’s Source.

The walls are painted with ancient wisdom, the secrets and keys unlocked and the beauty and wonder of Life is open for all to see.

The library pulses with Truth. Each of the thousand books upon its shelves speak of the Truth, of Love and Light and just by sitting in meditation in this magnificent room, the soul is filled with memories of Home.

Past lives are re-membered, ancient truths are revealed and souls are lit up so their path to the Whole is seen, felt and embarked upon.

The LightHouse- A School Coming to Earth Soon.

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Living within a world of infinite possibilities, I know that this dream is only a stream of choices, of thoughts, words and deeds away from becoming a reality. The only thing that can prevent us from moving towards it is ourselves. Perhaps it is already out there, I just need to be open to hear the way towards it.  I am excited to have this vision in my heart and with it I shall walk towards it one baby step at a time.

Together we can manifest our dreams even faster~ If you resonate with this vision, please take some time to visualise and meditate upon it and together we can bring this School of Light to fruition. Perhaps you know of it and you can let us all know where it is? Or maybe you hold classes, retreats or groups that hold a vision similar- please get in touch and share your insights- we are stronger & brighter as a whole.

What choices, steps and actions will you take today to bring this, or your own vision into reality?

With Love, Courage & Grace,

Caya xx

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