The Magic of Life is Now

Life is a series of moments. A stream of present moment experiences that you choose to interpret however you wish.

The richness of each of those moments should be your number one goal in life and it is the quality and the richness of each of your moments that will mould and shape your outwardly world. How you think, speak and behave, how others are affected by you and respond to you and how you will review your life in old age and in passing to the spirit realm will all be dictated by the awareness you had and the quality of each of your moments of now that you experienced.

In each moment you have the opportunity to sit in a frequency of total awe and wonder, of excitement and anticipation of the next moment of uncertainty, of magic and of bliss.

When you step away from the script of your movie, and detach yourself from your role and your story, you can feel the depth and scope and sheer brilliance and limitless truth of your being.

What would you do now, in this moment if you could just put your movie, your life script to one side and just Be for a whole day? Where would you go? What would you see? How would you feel?

Life is complex with the day to day activities of survival, growth, creativity and evolution and they are all fundamental parts of our reason for being here. But we must incorporate the knowing of our souls and the connection that we have naturally to the world around us to satisfy our thirst for life and to fully embrace and absorb the Truth and experiences that we are seeking to find and feel whilst living here in the physical realm.

Without connecting to the richness of the present moment, life is merely a series of plans, thoughts, dreams, memories and to do lists.

But when you place your awareness in the groove of time and space that is this present moment, you realise who You Are and Where You Are and life becomes meaningful, magical and enchanted. You feel yourself as the silent, peaceful and wise being that you really are. You feel your larger than life presence and your heart that expands out deep into the universe and you realise your greatness.

In the present moment you have no judgement, of yourself or of others. You have everything that you need and you can feel the richness of life around you.

The vibration of the music hitting your ear drum and the emotion and movement that it stirs in your soul. The feel of the air filling your lungs with a substance called oxygen that gives us life and that enables us to be here on the planet. The trees that surround us that are our external lungs, converting our waste carbon dioxide into our life giving oxygen. The food that we eat, grown from the soil that we walk upon, fuels our bodies so we can move, think, experience and ponder. Our bodies grow and emerge from this food, of which the particles become our bodies and guided by our DNA mix and shape to form our physical identity.

When you see the richness of the life that you are living in and step away from the drama of our roles and the movie that we have created for ourselves, you start to actually Live as our souls did intend before we incarnated and became a seedling of mother Gaia.

As Deepak Chopra’s teachings state, it is in this place of Pure Potentiality, when you sit in the groove of time and space that is Now and connect to its infinite grace, that you are your most powerful creator. The seeds sewn in this place will grow and come into fruition as you detach from the outcome and live in hope, gratitude and love for it All.

It is the Seventh Law in Mr Chopra’s Book The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams that holds most meaning to me personally at this time as I become more and more attuned to this state and more inclined to reside here than anywhere else. This mantra expresses perfectly my daily intentions and I use this often to realign with my bliss:

Present Moment MantraHigh quality pdf of this mantra for printing accessible here

It is in this mantra that the magic of life lives and I feel blessed and honoured to truly understand its meaning and the implications of adopting its magical essence.

I highly recommend you read this book if you haven’t already and really take your time to follow its instructions and delve into its meanings. It is a life changer and my life is filled with so much more peace and fulfilment because of it.

I wish for you all to find this place within you so that you may witness the magic of life with your eyes as well as your heart.

With love and magical moments all-ways,

Caya xx

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