The Most Exhilarating Holiday Imaginable!

I’ve always believed that we come to this planet as many times as we need to in order to learn the lessons we need to learn, to progress on our spiritual journey. My comfort being in the knowledge that if I fail to overcome, or learn a particular lesson this time, it’s okay, as I can come back and try again next time…

A cop out you may believe, but a much more fun (in the short term), and kinder to self way of living!

But it has recently been bought to my attention that this may, for some of us, be our last time here on planet Earth, for whatever reason (visiting soul, progressive evolution to another realm etc); which means that we won’t get another go at it here! 🙁 and that makes me sad.

This realisation (whether accurate or not) puts a whole new meaning to every second of our existence here.

As if this were to truly be my last visit to Mother Earth, I ought be savouring, cherishing, revelling in and adoring each and every aspect of this amazingly complex and perfect planet. Including the people upon it. (Even more so than I am doing right now)

un rinconcito para soar

So the big question is…

If this were to be your last ‘Holiday’ to Mumma Earth, how would you spend your days?

 What’s the best way to live life magically each day as if it were my last?

What is it I REALLY wish to do with my last days on this beautiful planet?.. and then my answer came as a whisper from the heavens …


Live life free every day, creating and expressing the highest version of my self and wondering in awe of every molecule, atom and particle of buzzing life energy that surrounds, encompasses and enables us to live in duality, in anticipation of the future, the excitement of the unknown, the mystery of each other’s personal stories and the inner strength behind the kind eyes…

Be mind-ful, be peaceful, be forgiving, be joyful, be funfull, make sense, make nonsense but most of all make love not war, on yourself and those around you.

Cherish and be cherished. Adore and allow yourself to be adored.

Love and let love in.  Be-Light All-Ways and don’t just Be-little.

& appreciate the adventures as if  it were the last day of your holiday.


And there it was, as plain as the paper I wrote it upon~ what I wish my Travel Journal from Mumma Earth to read.

Next question: What will yours read? What would you do more of? Less of? How can you make a change now?

Wishing you all many fabulously delicious summer holidays and the holiday of a lifetime here on this beautiful planet we call home.

With love,

Caya xx

Happy woman


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