The New Moon Awaits Your 2016 Wishes & Prayers

As with each year, I have chosen to start my New Year’s resolutions in conjunction with the first New Moon of the year. In today’s growing community of awakening and conscious people, New Moons are being increasingly harnessed for their power in manifesting and conscious creation, but it is not just some New Age fad. For thousands of years farmers have used the moon cycles to plan their harvests and seeding. They noticed that seeds that were sewn during the New Moon took the best so this was the time they planted and seeded their crops. This philosophy can also be applied to the seeding of our intentions. Ideas and goals set in the time of the New Moon will sprout into the light, as the farmer’s crop, with the coming full moon.

Not only a beautiful and powerful way of setting goals, but it also means that with every New Moon, you can start again. Set new intentions, reflect on the month just passed and start afresh.


So as I do each month, I will be holding my own very special New Moon Intentions Party for one. Candle, incense and note book at the ready this Sunday 10th January and I cannot wait to officially get this year started.

As with any visualising exercise, by meditating on each intention and feeling as if you have already achieved that which you wish for, you are setting the cogs of the universe into motion and bringing your desires into your life. This time, tuned in too to the ebb and flow of the universe itself.

If you feel this would be an inspiring and empowering way to set your 2016 goals and you are ready to put them into action, I have a gorgeous gift that will help you do just this. It’s an exclusive MOT Your Life, Goal Setting Workbook that will take you through the whole process and provide you with everything you need to make it happen for you in 2016.


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I’d love to hear how you get on, whether you can’t wait and complete the workbook now, or if you hold your own “New Moon Intentions” Party on the 10th- please share your experiences or get in touch for a chat. If you would like to set up  your own private monthly New Moon Sessions with me, where we can check in monthly to your goals and vision, then pop me a little email here and we can set up a no obligation call to discuss your options.

Wishing you all the love and abundance your heart desires this year,

Caya x

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