Things I Love

photo(1)Some of my Favourite Inspirational Reads…

This is my bed side cabinet at the moment!  As you can see I LOVE to read as I can imagine you do too. These are just a few of the books have given me the Hope, Faith and Inspiration to keep working towards my dreams and hold close in my heart the determination to make my life full of Bliss and Abundance

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Below are just a few of my favourites. My first ever “Spiritual” book was the Conversations With God Trio. If you haven’t already READ it, it changed my life.

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Happy Reading!



New Moon Intentions PicBeautiful Journals

This is my New Moon Intentions Party set up. I have a specific journal that I use to note and record my goals for the following month and celebrate the satisfying feeling of ticking off those goals achieved each month. It is a great way of giving yourself credit for each little step along the path to your dreams and my Journals are an important part of this process.

Below, I have handpicked out some of my favourite Journals that can be used for your New Moon Intentions Party or as Gratitude Journals or to simply journal your thoughts, & create your dream life with visualisations, cut outs and drawings~ however you wish to visualise. Writing it down strengthens its manifestation and brings it to your life quicker! Writing everything down is also a fabulous way of working things out and gaining clarity on your thoughts…

When you sign up to one of my Coaching Programs you will receive a free journal to use on your coaching journey with me…



Some of my favourite feel good, soulful movies…

 “There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.”  Princess Merida from Brave

I love nothing more than a good movie that releases feel good endorphins and lifts the spirits. For me, the stories told and the messages behind many films are so beautiful that the whole experience of visual, sound and emotional involvement can touch the soul like no other media can. They really are powerful and I feel they are a fantastic way of keeping your energies and mood high, especially when your feeling a bit low or under the weather add with good food, good company and a cheeky glass of your favourite tipple and you got yourself a feel fab night that’s cheap and you don’t even have to leave your sofa!


Affirmation Goodies

 I strongly believe in the power of affirmations. Drinking your cup of tea or water from a cup with the words Abundance, Bliss or a personalised affirmation that speaks to your heart can have a massive influence on your mood throughout the day.

I can print t-shirts, hoodies, cups and make handmade crafts items with your specific words, colours, affirmations and designs. Just get in touch and we can have a chat to see how I can help make you something wonderful to add zing to your day.


The books and DVDs on this page have all lifted my spirits, made me smile, progressed my understanding  and heightened the magic of being alive… 

~I hope they speak to you too~

Love & Magic Moments


PS. If  you have any wonder-full books, songs, movies, ANYTHING that has made you feel amazing, please get in touch and i’ll be sure to share your treasures with others…  Thank You xx