Why YOU Are The Strongest Person You Know.. and how to feel it

“I am the strongest person I know”…

These 7 simple words said with conviction can be the most empowering and mind shifting words you can ever say to yourself… because in saying them, feeling them and believing them, you become the strongest person you know.

Each and every day I personally battle with the ongoing recovery from addiction, depression, anxiety, stressful relationships, chronic self doubt & sabotage, fatigue and a savage over active mind that does its absolute best to keep me from the peace and tranquility of the Now.

So this my friend is why you too are the strongest person you know, because I bet you can relate to at least one of these challenges, if not all of them and more, and I bet you don’t even give yourself a second of credit for how hard you work each and every day to keep your light shining for your passions and the people around you.

Today I made this realization. As I actually woke up to the fact that I am the strongest person I know (as are you as we only really know ourselves and all challenges are relative) and in saying, feeling and believing it to be true, your whole world and life story can change.

Each of us has our own story, our own daily battles that we fight, our own challenges that we rise from, our own lessons that we are here to learn.

We can either see these stories in the shadows of a victim or in the light of a vixen.

I have suddenly looked at my life situation from a different angle, as we all should, and see that we are fucking warriors! We are not victims of these challenges, we are warriors of this time space experience, facing these battles and winning every day in our own way.

Every day dealing with the torments of a manipulated, programmed and negatively conditioned mind that keeps us playing small, that keeps us full of fear, that keeps us longing so hard for the stuff we know we are capable of and fully deserve that we push it away in our desperation…

To watch as we compulsively think harmful self-deprecating thoughts and act out self sabotaging behaviors that we know with all of our being are toxifying our bodies and minds, but we feel powerless to the momentary freedom our habits, addictions and instantly gratifying actions provide us with…

We are aware. We are waking up. We know where we want to be and we know where we are. But the journey from here to there is full of the biggest, heaviest and most stubborn obstacles we have ever faced.

Yet day in and day out, we chip away at them. We consciously work on changing our mindsets, we meditate, we take time in our busy days to listen to and read inspiring and uplifting books by inspiring people, we relearn how to love our bodies with movement and breath and we lovingly create soulful meals to heal our minds and bodies… we seek and find and call for like-minded souls that share the same visions of hope and for creating a brighter future for us all, and we put our faith in others in moments where we have none in ourselves.

We push through the lead-filled barriers of our conditioned stories to our own freedom, and even in our darkest moments we rise…

We rise time and again, and again and again, and again and just when we don’t think we can rise any more, we rise again.

We are the warriors of this world, fighting our own intangible yet fiercely real battles so that our children, our grandchildren, their children and the planet itself can rise from the ashes and thrive and shine in true abundance.

Where freedom, unconditional love, compassion and creativity are the core values of our society. In a world free from fear, free from separation, free to in joy this planet, one another and the true magic of the universe

You are the strongest person you know, and don’t you EVER forget it.

With love, gratitude and an abundance of hope & faith in you,

Caya xo


If you would like to join me and a group of beautiful warrior women that are raising the vibration of their worlds and this planet, please take a look at the 2018 Events Calendar below and get in touch to book your space. Love xx


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