rsz_your_life_clipped_rev_1If one on one coaching isn’t for you and you would rather work through a workbook at your own pace to reach your goals, then my eCourses may be for you.

I will be crafting various eCourses and workbooks that are tailored for your specific goals and challenges. At present I am in the process of developing the following eCourses which will be available soon.

If any take your fancy, please pop me a message to show your interest and I’ll be sure to contact you once they are up and ready.

What the Bleep Do you Want and How the F are you going to Get it!?

A fantastic eCourse for those of you that don’t have a clue what it is you want and even less of a clue how to get it. Spend time working out your true values, shining a light on the depths of  your inner Self and bringing the Goddess within you out for the world to see…  Explore your heart and look straight into the eyes of your Blissful You and merge the gap between the You Now and the You that is full of Bliss and Abundance…


My Map to Fit & Fab

This Workbook is for anyone that wishes to finally get to grips with their eating habits, their lifestyle choices and work at your own pace at making the changes neccessary to be the fit and fab beauty you know you can be…

This includes a one week Food Journal, Workbook to explore the findings and then a guide to help you create an action plan that will help you to develop daily lifestyle habits that will make you live your fit and fab life, naturally, easily and with a smile on your face.


My Mate Money

Making friends with money is all about allowing yourself to tune into the frequency of abundance, of feeling and becoming the naturally abundant creature that you are… This eCourse will take you through a series of exercises and activities that you can do in order to re-programme your mind to be in alignment with your subconcious to develop your thoughts and daily habits to work the Law of Attraction effectively and help you become a manifesting magician.


All eCourses are just £39 with a 10% discount for existing clients and active members!

~Get in touch now and pre-order yours today~


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