Within each of us is a fierce, fiery and totally fabulous creature that is just dying to be recognised, embraced and released to the world.

We know she is there, embedded deep in our Be-ing, roaring with the power of a blazing star and shining her graceful, fearless energies across the universe, but the thick forest of tangled brambles and the seemingly heavy boulders of fear, doubt, worry, anxieties and constant small and belittling self-talk are keeping her trapped, just out of reach and left longing for her freedom.

Well, I say that this planet has had enough of seeing us bold, brave and totally beautiful women stuck behind a forest of fears and it is time that we go BIG, we chose NOW to grab that fierce and fabulous creature and OWN our true Light.

And I got just what you need. I have spent 10 years developing my own map, my own compass and my own backpack of tools to help me to navigate my way to my own Inner Lioness and I am now ready (MASSIVE big EEEkkk and clap with excitement!) to share it with you all. I have spent the year with a team of wonderfully beautiful ladies who I have had the pleasure of working with on this program and now I am ready to go BIG and offer it to the world.

Introducing my Fierce & Fabulous 12 Week Program!

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This 12 Week Program is all about YOU baby!

What do you truly, madly, deeply want in life?

What really pisses you off?

What is your soul begging you to do?

Who do you know you ARE but you’re not quite being?

Let’s take a long hard, deep and raw look at it all, do some serious reshuffling, connect the dots and paint a picture of your life that EXCITES THE FUCK OUT OF YOU! Then we’ll get to work making it happen… So…

Yep, you read it right lovely!

 Just £240 for all of this!

Aaaaaand you can pay in installments!

I’m literally giving it away- and why? Because I want you to SHINE! And that means more to me than paper.

Seriously, this is a life changing, transformational journey. All of my heart and soul is poured into each of my clients bespoke experience to ensure that the transformation you need occurs and I cannot wait to be a part of your journey and  witness your awakening and stepping into your true power…

I’ve heard enough! Get me Booked Up Now!

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You know this program was made for you if  you want to:

  • Release old stories and move on from your past
  • Forgive yourself and others of previous choices and behaviours
  • Learn to love yourself unconditionally
  • Face & dissolve your fears and anxieties
  • Build new positive confident and empowered beliefs
  • Connect to your own inner Source of love, abundance and joy
  • Learn to stay mindful and calm and live in the moment
  • Gain perspective on your life and learn to see lessons that arise as opportunities for growth
  • Build a big, beautiful vision for your future and have the support and guidance to work towards it daily
  • Learn how to tap into the frequency of your vision to bring it into your reality
  • Learn to surrender to the ebb and flows of life and to enjoy the ride!

If it’s Health, Vitality and Radiance that you’re after then this program is also for you if:

  • You are ready to give up your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours around food
  • You want to fall in love with yourself and feel happy to be you in all of your shapes, quirks and sizes
  • You want to build positive and life long habits around food, exercise and attitude

This program will hold you in a container of love and support and make sure you stick to your goals to see the results that you want!

So if you are still with me, then I’d say it’s a pretty sure thing that you have been guided to this message and that you are READY to do this- How f-ing exciting!

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So, what does the program actually involve? Here is a break down for you:

  • 4 x In-depth Pre-Program Questionnaires to build a solid foundation to work upon and to develop a beautiful picture of Who You Are, Where You Have Been, What Lights You Up and Where You Want to Be regarding Health, Happiness, Purpose, Love and Life in General.
  • 1 x 60 minute Discovery Call “Connecting To You” where we delve deeper into the questionnaires and look at your True Values, Your Deepest Desires, Your Biggest Fears and Your Greatest Strengths.
  • You receive a 6 Page Personal Profile outlining all of the above~ – a powerful tool in connecting to your true spirit and aligning your outer world, your goals and your behaviours with your true soul centred desires. All of which = lasting happiness.
  • One Week of Journaling to create a clear picture of exactly where it is that we are starting from – this could be focused on your eating and wellness habits, your fear stories and thought patterns, you general moods and behaviours and also look at what lights you up and what dims your light in your everyday life. We can then use this as a starting point and look at ways to lessen the effect of the nuances and to do more and focus more on the things that bring you happiness.
  • 1 x 60 minute Discovery Call “Design your Map, Tune in Your Compass and Locate Your Inner Lioness” where we look at your journal and your Current Situation and we delve deep into what it is your heart is beating to do, we identify exactly Where it is that You Want to Be and then we plan, build and structure a Bridge that will take you to your empowered Self and the life that you wish for. We will look at the different areas that we will need to work on, possible barriers and challenges that you may face on the way and we will get you set up and equip with a backpack of tools to help you on your journey.
  • You will receive An Awaken Your Fierce & Fabulous Starter Kit: which will be totally bespoke to you and your needs:
  • If it is Health and Wellness that you decide to focus on then you will receive a Wellness Planning Pack that involves: A Meal Plan Template, Example Weekly Meal Plan, Exercise Example and Exercise Template for you to spend some time planning and organising your meals and exercise routines (we can spend a session doing this together if it suits you or you can do in your own time).
  • Or if it is self-confidence, self-love, fear stories, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, stress, anxiety, time management, forgiveness, abundance, manifesting, energy and protection, spiritual awareness and connection, mindful living or your life’s purpose that you wish to work on, then your kit will include your first fabulous tools to help you on the beginning steps of your journey. This can include meditations, visualisations, audios, mantras, videos, posters, webinars, books, pdf’s, exercises, daily pledges, eft tools and so much more…

Then you are off! With your map, your backpack and me by your side all the way!

(The program includes unlimited email contact with me throughout the duration of the program!)

Then we check in every one to two weeks depending on your needs…

  • 4 x 60 Minute weekly/ fortnightly Check-In Sessions where we check in, explore what has been happening, what has been working, what you have struggled with, what new challenges, goals and revelations have popped up. We look at making your every day enjoyable as well as move you towards you short, medium and long term goals. We look at your homework from the past two weeks and get clear on exactly how to move you forward and what the right next step is.
  • You may also have Your Own Personal Empowerment Journal Facebook Group page where we can check in daily or as and when you need to. I will post motivational posters, health and happiness tools and resources, meal ideas, daily tips and healthy pledges and where you can connect with me as and when you need to and let me know of support and tools that you require.
  • This page can be used as a reference for when motivation gets low and when you need reminding of how fabulous you are and how wonderful life is! If you wish it to be, I can download each of the posts and create it into your very own Awaken Your Lioness Within Journal after the program for an additional fee.
  • 1 x 60 Minute Closing Ceremony where we look back on your journey, celebrate your successes and plan your next steps forward.

This is a life changing, transformational journey. All of my heart and soul is poured into each of my clients bespoke experience to ensure that the transformation they need occurs.

I’ve heard enough! Get me Booked Up Now!

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Here is what a few of my clients have said about the program and about working with me:

“Caya is a GODDESS. There aren’t enough ways to express how much she has helped me with my personal journey, she has been the catalyst for so much transformation in my life. Working with Caya has brought us closer as a family unit, traditions have come alive again in my home and we are the healthiest we’ve been in years! I’ve lost weight, regained my energy and my joy, gotten off my medication and feel alive again. The way you helped me to get clear about who I am, what I want, what I like and put all of that to brand my business…pure fun and pure genius! Caya put so much of her time, heart and energy into coaching me and the resources you’ve provided have and will continue to serve me well into my new, golden future!

So much gratitude for this incredible soul and the force that brought us together from such a long distance! Thank you Caya, truly and from my heart for all that you do! Your gift, your light, your expertise are marvellous!”

Stacey Marie Fruits,  Georgia, USA
(Contact Stacey here with any questions you may have)
“Caya is a power house and a force to be reckoned with! I feel.so lucky to be connected with such an inspiring soul. Her fearlessness and courage is helping me greatly. Caya teaches you to keep looking for the light despite challenges and setbacks and to keep moving forward. Caya’s honesty, integrity and truth radiate love and warmth. I am deeply grateful for all of the work, input, motivation, encouragement and general love and support that Caya provides. Big love to such a beautiful light worker!
Elaine Bonfrer, London
(Contact Elaine here with any questions you may have)
“I couldn’t have started my journey without Caya. It’s only just begun but I feel so different. There continue to be tests and it takes work and commitment from ourselves but the scaffolding Caya provides is incredible. Thank you Caya for all your commitment and enthusiasm, Special lady, you are”
Heather Baguley, London
(Contact Heather here with any questions you may have)
“I loved working with Caya on her 12 Week Program, her ability to help you understand where you are and where you want to be is just brilliant. She has the tools and tricks for everything you need to help you achieve your goals. The program is so handy as it fits around you and your lifestyle, which makes the journey so much easier!”
Angela Small, Brighton
(Contact Angela here with any questions you may have)

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“HOW MUCH did you say” I hear you ask?

Drum Roll Please… You read it right…

All this and my heart and soul for just


WTF I hear you say, I know, it’s blooming cheap but that is because I want it to be accessible to EVERYONE. This price is not fixed and it will be going up soon but I want to give as many people the opportunity to experience how it feels to be held in a container of absolute unconditional love and to spend 12 weeks healing and nurturing your soul so that you girl, can give the world your light.

Let’s do this. Say yes to life.Today.

Email me now at Caya@lioneyeslife.co.uk or book a Clarity Call to chat more about how fiercely fabulous you really are.

This is your time! Make it happen.

Namaste dear friend,

Caya xoxoxox