World Peace & The Power of Your Heart

To live in a world where peace is the normal state of being, where disagreements are resolved effortlessly and non-defensively, where tranquillity and flow are the natural states of mind for those who lived and inhabited the earth together would be as Heaven upon Earth. It is this state of coexistence that is the deepest desire of each and every soul upon the planet regardless of whether they know it or not.

In order to have peace, we must have compassion. In order to have compassion we must have tolerance. In order to have tolerance we must have understanding and acceptance. And in order to have understanding and acceptance we must release the binds of our egos.forest river with stones and grass at sunset

We all want a peaceful life, but are we all truly prepared to do what it takes to create peace upon the planet? Peace starts from within, and we must each as individuals start right at the basics of healing and nurturing our own inner peace before we can even imagine to have peace upon the planet.

The agenda of the ego is not one of peace. The ego wishes to be right, to be a victim, to blame, to envy, to defend and to see ourselves as separate from one another. As the wonderful Dr Wayne Dyer, God bless your soul, stated:

Ego = Edge God Out.

To be ruled by your ego is to move away from the Truth, from the quintessential truth that we are all One. We are not separate from one another. Our thoughts and energies affect and influence everything around us. What we give out, we get back. The law of Metaphysics. And as such we really do not have to fight and struggle and create conflicts to survive. If we truly were “All for One and One for All”, rather than “Look out for Number One”, there would be more than enough to go around. There is so much more than enough to go around. Mother Nature is abundant in everything that we need. There is more than enough to go around.

But to truly step into a world of peace, we must first let go of our egos and surrender to the Divine. We must work on our own hearts and minds and truly find peace within our own being. We must nurture our own relationships with ourSelves, our friends, our family and our neighbours.

To stand up and declare “I want peace!” and then argue with your neighbour, curse at the driver in front of you, tut at someone else’s beliefs and choices or blame your childhood experiences for your behaviours today; these are all moving away from peace and away from love.

Cultivate the light and the peace within you and you cultivate the love and peace in the world.

Forgive easily; refuse to take things personally; be kind more; be generous; have compassion and understanding for those around you; be patient; listen more; try to understand more; ask questions; be interested in other peoples lives; celebrate other peoples cultures; celebrate your culture; help a friend in need; meditate; take time to heal; ask Source for help and know that you shall be healed and that your peace within you shall grow and so it shall do so for your family, and your friends and the guy on the street that you gave your parking space to.

Every act of kindness, to yourself or another, cultivates the peace upon the planet. It all starts with you.

What will you do today to bring peace to your world?

Happy International Peace Day to you All.




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